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Madden 2012 – First Impression and Review

A Review of Madden 2012

Madden 2012 Review
It’s that time of the year again when dedicated football fans get out the tailgating gear and make camp not at the stadium but rather the local video game or electronics retailer. Just like last year, fans lined up to get the first few copies of what has been the top-selling NFL game for nearly a decade. While few major changes appear each year, gamers always look forward to subtle improvements in the game-flow, controls, and realism. Another irresistible feature year after year is the downloadable roster updates that ensure the ability to crush your friends using the most current players and developing stars on the team.

While I hate to admit it, I tend to be one of those crazy fans who rush out to get the latest version of Madden as soon as it hits the store shelves and Madden 2012 was no exception. After my initial excitement, I was a little bit surprised to find that the game did not come with any written instructions. Call me old-fashioned but I like to get a quick visual review of the control options to check for changes and refresh my memory in the event that I have been playing other titles recently. The memory space needed for the required update was another area where I was less than thrilled as I am one of the few who still does not have an extra hard drive for my console.

One I got beyond the initial setup, my opinion on the game took a dramatic turn for the better. The initial player introductions that match the style of each individual team where a nice addition. There is nothing better than a little added drama to get you psyched up for a grudge match between friends who are fans of a rival team. The game play has improved considerably over Madden 2011 with many of the graphics glitches and ghosting effects ironed out. One area where the game grew by leaps and bounds was in the play of the linebackers. In previous versions, they always seemed to stay at home in the middle of the field unless you were running a specific blitz package. This version has LBs coming up to deliver devastating hits on wide receivers catching check-downs and dump off passes along with quick penetration behind the line of scrimmage to run down a half-back from behind.

The playing style of the corners seemed to improve as well matching up closely to the style of individual players. The ability to manually control a grab for the ball does seem to be somewhat diminished from previous versions. This can be frustrating when trying to go after a tipped pass of dropped catch but it is a bit more realistic than what previous versions of the game provided. I remember several games in Madden 2011 where I was able to pull down 8 picks. While this is fun at times, the new edition is closer to what you would expect to see in a regular NFL game.

All in all, the game play was smooth and the graphics more crisp and authentic than ever before. The ability to control running backs keeps getting better and better which allows the user to run a balanced offense. Mobile users can look forward to the game arriving on the iPhone and on Android powered smartphones and tablets. Look for a review to show up soon on our Android tablet homepage. I give Madden 2012 a nearly perfect review with 4 1/2 stars out of a possible 5. This is a great game that every true NFL fan should own!

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